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  • Prototyping

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    Prototype Precision Engineering

    When it comes to prototyping, IMS Supplies’ comprehensively equipped machine shop has the edge. Our seasoned engineers have the broadest spectrum of skills when it comes to dealing with brand new components – ensuring your prototypes are produced to your exact requirements.

    We have the ability to produce complex geometry in a wide range of materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, tool steels and exotic alloys to name a few. Previously ‘impossible’ geometry is now made possible by our CNC EDM department, whilst complex 3d surfaces can be machined with extreme accuracy.

    We work alongside you to offer advice on how best to machine components in a production environment, to ensure that when the prototyping is over, the product can become a reality.

    No matter if it’s a single part or a full assembly, medical precision or military strength, trust IMS Supplies to get it right, first time.


  • Batch Work

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    Batch Precision Engineering

    From 10 to 10,000 parts, IMS Supplies has the capacity to produce precision machined parts in any volume. Our skilled setters can have your job running in minutes, whilst our wide range CNC machines are capable of running unmanned, giving the most cost effective solution to your production requirements.

    From simple turned and milled components, through to complicated multi-operation machined billets, forgings and castings requiring specialist tooling, jigs and fixtures; no job is too big or too small. We provide batch produced parts to a multitude of sectors, including automotive, transport, military, food and communication industries.

    Skilled staff are a must when dealing with your components, which is where our commitment to training really pays off. We ensure that from start to finish your job is in capable hands.


  • Rubber Moulds, Dies and Joining Tools

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    Rubber Moulds, Dies and Joining Tools

    Using our extensive knowledge and history in the rubber industry, we provide a multitude of tooling for every application. With over 50 years combined experience working to supply some of the most prestigious companies with tooling, including Jaguar, Nissan, Honda as well as multiple offshore, oil, gas. IMS Supplies extrusion dies were even used to cut sections used in the construction of the channel tunnel! A section which has developed into the industry standard tunnel sealing gasket.

    IMS Supplies rubber tooling capabilities include:

    Extrusion Dies

    • Single and multiple port.
    • Complex extrusion dies including bridgework/furniture.
    • Air-Feed for intricate or delicate sections.
    • Tube and hollow sections.

    Mould Tools

    • Single and multiple cavity.
    • Compression Moulds.
    • Transfer Moulds.
    • Injection Moulds.
    • Platen Sets.
    • Complex shapes, including movable cores to aid production.

    Joining Tools

    • Single and multiple cavity.
    • Splicing/Jointing Tools.
    • Shot Joining Tools.
    • Clamping Jigs and Fixtures.
    • Cutting Fixtures.
  • Part Reclamation, Broken Tap and Drill Removal

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    Part Reclamation, Broken Tap and Drill Romoval

    A unique service made possible by our CNC EDM department is the removal of broken Taps or Drills. Often drilling or tapping can be the final operation on parts which have had hundreds of hours dedicated to them; however, when things go wrong, IMS Supplies can help. We are able to remove broken taps or drills from almost any part or assembly. Using our CNC Spark Eroder we can remove drills and taps from 0.5mm upwards – leaving your parts as good as new and keeping you on track to hit your deadlines.

    Alongside this, IMS Supplies also offers a reclamation service to make good of parts that have been worn out in use. Often it is more cost effective to replace than repair, and in some cases where spare parts are not available – it can be your only option.

    Our skilled engineers routinely carry out reclamation on a wide array of parts, including:

    • Replacing worn out or missing threads.
    • Building up worn bearing journals and re-machining to size.
    • Replacing shaft/roller ends in case of breakage.
    • Rebuilding rollers with excessive play.
    • Proprietary machine repairs and crash recovery.
    • Repairing cracked components.
    • Sharpening cutting edges.
    • Regrinding.
  • Jigs, Fixtures and Tools

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    Jigs, Fixtures and Tools

    For complex 3D moulds, welding fixtures, drills jig and everything in between we have the ability to produce the highest accuracy tooling to suit your needs. We have many years’ experience in building specialist moulds, jigs and fixtures for all industries, including:

    • Moulds for Composites.
    • Rubber Mould Tools.
    • Drilling Fixtures.
    • Gluing and fastening Fixtures.
    • Automated production Jigs.
    • Welding Jigs and Fixtures.


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