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  • CNC Milling

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    CNC Milling Capabilities

    Our CNC Milling machines are fully equipped to handle the highest precision parts at any batch size. We have range of milling machines for all applications, from one off and small batch jobbing, to one off prototyping and large batch production work. Our machines are equipped with high speed automatic tool changers with up to 20 tools, high horsepower spindle motors with up to 8000rpm spindle speed, and rapid traverses of up to 20,000mm/min, and now 4th axis capabilities.

    We have spent countless hours developing the most efficient working practices; utilising cutting edge tooling technology, work holding and modern high speed machining techniques. We use our CAD/CAM suite to reduce setup times, and run times to ensure the absolute best quality component in the shortest time – saving you time and money.

    We also have in house capability to produce jigs and fixtures for holding the complex of parts, castings and forgings, rendering no part impossible.

    We are able to produce parts from a range of sources, from verbal instructions, sample parts, 2D drawings through to the most complex 3D Solid Models and Assemblies.

    CNC Milling Highlights:

    • Working Envelope up to 1010mm x 500mm x 500mm.
    • Ability to machine parts up to 3000mm in length.
    • Up to 20HP Spindle Power.
    • Up to 8000rpm Spindle Speed.
    • Rapid Traverses up to 20,000mm/min.
    • High Speed Automatic Tool Changers (ATC’s).
    • Simultaneous 3 Axis 3D Milling capability.
    • 4th Axis Capabilities.

    Our CNC Mills:

    • XYZ VMC 1010 with 4 Axis.
    • 2x XYX Mini Mill 560.
    • XYZ Vulcan 650.
    • XYZ PRO 2000.
    • XYZ KRV 2000.


  • CNC Lathes

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    CNC Turning

    Our CNC Turning department is equipped with lathe of all sizes and capacities, ranging from large one off complex parts, to automated production runs of 1000’s of parts. Our lathes are equipped with high speed tool turrets holding up to 12 tools, high horsepower spindle motors with spindle speeds of up to 5000rpm and rapid traverses of up to 25,000mm/min.

    We use our CAD/CAM suite to reduce setup times, and run times to ensure the absolute best quality component in the shortest time – saving you time and money.

    Bar pullers enable unmanned bar work, which allows hundreds of parts to be run in succession. High grip hydraulic chucks and tailstocks ensure precision location of components while modern tooling technology ensures excellent surface finish.

    CNC Turning Highlights:

    • Max Swing 600mm.
    • Max Distance Between Centres 1200mm.
    • Max 82mm Spindle Bore.
    • Up to 40hp spindle power.
    • Up to 5000rpm spindle speed.
    • Rapid traverses up to 25,000mm/min.
    • High speed thread turning.
    • High speed tool turrets.
    • Up to 12 tools.
    • Bar pulling capability for batch production.

    Our CNC Lathes:

    • XYZ Compact Turn CT52.
    • XYZ Proturn 350.
    • XYZ Proturn 410.
    • Colchester Tornado 310.


  • CNC Electro Discharge Machining

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    Electro Disharge Machining (EDM)

    IMS Supplies operates one of the most comprehensively equipped Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) departments in the area, with micron accuracy for producing the finest tolerance parts in a wide range of materials.

    Our CNC Wire and Spark Eroders are fully submerged for reliable, lights out cutting. With cutting capability in any material that carries a current, no matter how hard. Even materials such as carbide, tungsten, hardened tool steels and exotic alloys can be machined.

    EDM can be used for the production of extrusion dies, joining tools, splines and gears, as well as square and hexagonal holes, sharp corners and “impossible” geometry (geometry not otherwise achievable by traditional techniques). It also offers burr-free cutting of fine, slender or weak materials

    We also have the ability to remove broken drills and taps from parts big or small – saving you time and money that would be spent reproducing parts that would otherwise be scrapped.

    Our CNC Wire Eroders use 0.25mm wire to cut through materials of up to 150mm thick, while our CNC Spark Eroder (also known as Die-Sinkers) uses solid electrodes of any conceivable shape or size to imprint their form into any material.

    Wire EDM Highlights:

    • Wire cutting up to 150mm thick.
    • Sharp corners down to 0.125mm.
    • Lights out running ability.
    • Tapered cutting capability (4 Axis).
    • Micron Accuracy (0.001mm).
    • Through hole splines, gears and keyways.
    • Can cut hardened and difficult materials.

    Spark EDM Highlights:

    • Virtually unlimited machining possibilities.
    • Blind sharp corners.
    • Blind splines, gears and keyways.
    • 4th axis helical cutting ability.
    • Removal of broken taps and drills.

    Our EDM Machines:

    • Fanuc RoboCut Alpha 4 Axis Wire EDM.
    • Sodick A280 4 Axis Wire EDM.
    • Mitsubishi 4 Axis Spark Eroder.


  • Manual Machining and Fabrication

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    Manual Machining and Fabrication

    At IMS Supplies, we pride ourselves on retaining a high level of practical skill in an industry dominated by Computer Controlled Machining. While CNC is often the best route for production and volume, there are some jobs that are best left to a skilled toolmaker and his manual machine.

    We offer a wide array of manual turning and milling options, with the ability to combine the latest CNC technology with the familiarity of a manual machine. The “semi CNC” machines can not only be used under full CNC control, but can also be operated by hand where only handmade will do.

    We can also undertake MIG, TIG and Arc welding on a range of materials in-house, as well as Surface and Cylindrical Grinding, Sawing and Hand Fitting.

    Our apprentice trained toolmakers utilise their superior practical skills, know-how and many years of industrial experience to produce precision jigs and fixtures, mould tools, dies, press tooling and much more – giving your jobs that “handmade” quality.

    Manual & Fabrication Highlights:

    • Manual Turning.
    • Manual Milling.
    • Broaching.
    • Surface and Cylindrical Grinding.
    • MIG, TIG and Arc Welding.
    • Bandsawing.
    • Hand Fitting.
    • Finishing.
    • Polishing.

    Manual Machines

    • 2x Bridgeport Style Universal Milling Machines.
    • XYZ PRO 2000.
    • XYZ KRV 2000.
    • Kearney and Trecker Milwaukee Vertical Milling Machine.
    • Various Dividing Heads and Rotary Tables.
    • XYZ ProTurn 350.
    • XYZ ProTurn 410.
    • Colchester Triumph Manual Lathe.
    • Colchester Bantam Manual Lathe.
    • Cylindrical Grinding Attachment.
    • Jones and Shipman Toolmaking Surface Grinder.
    • Elliot Production Surface Grinder.
    • Vertical Bandsaw.
    • Horizontal Bandsaw.



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